Boston Kite School - Boston Kite School provides dedicated kitesurfing and SUP lessons on Massachusetts beaches as well as deals on gear and kiteboarding travel.

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Unfortunately we no longer have any water classes available. We still have a few dates left for kite skills classes.

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With varying wind conditions and skill levels, purchasing kiteboarding equipment can be challenging. Boston Kite School is here to help. We carry the latest equipment and best brands at competitive prices. PURCHASE A WATER CLASS and get $100 OFF A KITE AND BOARD PACKAGE.

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Clear Lesson Plan
We were educators before we were kitesurfers. Our teaching method gets you riding sooner, safer. We’ve taught over 900 riders! Book a Lesson package

Certified   Instructors

Certified Instructors
PASA is Professional Air Sports of America, the acknowledged authority on kiteboarding instruction in the US. Our lesson plan has been approved by PASA and we teach using their guidelines.Learn about our Instructors

Latest   Equipment

Latest Equipement
We teach on only state of the art kites and boards; products that we stand behind. That goes for what we sell and ride personally as well. Using new gear means learning the sport faster and with ease. Browse Inventory