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June 4, 2012 2 Responses

3 students stood up and rode across the bay today

So as much as we anticipate great success in our Water 2 classes, it doesn’t always happen. About half of our students arrive to Water 2 needing to retool their landing and launching, crosswind body dragging and upwind body dragging from the Water 1 class. As a result, most of their lesson time in Water 2 is spent drilling Water 1 skills. The ability to demonstrate a good upwind body drag is the best indicator of the ability to perform a controlled water start in the Water 2 class and to then extend the ride.

Sunday, the entire Water 2 class went through the progression from the upwind body drag, a board-on, a controlled water start to riding hundreds of yards. I asked the Water 2 class why they did so well. All 3 said they had simply practiced as much as possible in between lessons with their trainer kites. One of the students hadn’t flown a water kite for almost a year since his Water 1. But simply by flying his trainer kite in between lessons, he not only stood up, he rode a good 100 yards in one direction and back on Sunday. This is unusual for Water 2 and now he’s buying a kite and board from us and he’s ready to go out on his own.

It all starts from practicing with the trainer kite as much as possible.

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2 Responses

  1. Katie on June 15, 2012, 1:55 pm Reply

    Two of my friends and I decided to take lessons at the Boston Kite School, and after our Kite Skills lesson, Eric suggested we buy trainer kites. I had heard it was helpful to practice with them, but I didn’t understand how important it was to practice with a trainer kite until we started flying the big kites. We each bought a trainer kite and practiced at every possible opportunity before our Water 1 class. We not only developed an understanding of how the kite moves in response to what we do with the bar, but it also created muscle memory. This helped a lot in the Water 1 class, but it was crucial in Water 2 when you also have to be thinking about the board. It allowed us to concentrate on the smaller details and perfect each skill because we already knew and understood the basics of flying the kite. It would have been much more difficult to progress quickly through Water 1 and Water 2 had we not bought trainer kites. They will also be helpful in the future if we want to improve our kite skills or try something new with our trainer kites before we try it with the larger kites.

  2. Toomas on June 18, 2012, 4:53 pm Reply

    For me, practice with me trainer kite was crucial to getting up on my board so quickly. Muscle memory with the kite is the key to getting in your first long ride because you simply can’t think about everything at once. With my trainer kite, I found it especially helpful (and fun!) to try to anticipate exactly how much pull I would feel from each power move. Doing this successfully will allow you to always be in control and really help when you make your first power moves with the board as you try to get up.

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