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A New Approach to Teaching Kiteboarding
We’ve analysed 31 skills a student needs to do to be able to kiteboard independently; We model each skill step-by-step right next to you in the water; We watch you perform the skill and re-model as needed. Students leave each lesson with a clear sense of what kiteboarding skills they’ve mastered and what they need to do next.
All equipment is provided during our lessons.

Class Sequence

Basic Package

We recommend this progression to become a self-sufficient kitesurfer:

1) Take the Kite Skills class

2) Grab one of our trainer kites and practice on the beach for one or two weeks

3) Once you have mastered the trainer kite, book your first Water Class

4) At the end of your first water class, you may be ready to practice on your own or you may need an additional water class or private lesson. We can advise you at the end of your class.

5) Use your $100 voucher from us to purchase your kite and board package and get out there!

The Basic Package $469 - START HERE

- One Kite Skills class
- One Water Class
- $100 off a kite and board package
- $115 savings

Unavailable for the 2015 season